Restate Group | Own your future investment

Restate Group has been developing real estate projects for several years, mainly in the city of Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, covering extensively Dade and Broward County, willing to expand globally.

The Company focus is actually in researching, acquiring and developing condominium and residential properties in the finest areas of South Beach. Restate Group has teamed up with several Italian Professionals in order to deliver the exquisite Mediterranean flavour to all of its projects.


Restate Group has the ambition to “import” a European lifestyle in the earth of several majors cities throughout the US.
The Company is constantly engaged in architectural challenges and researching innovative materials, merging US regulations with a sublime Italian design and taste.
Restate Group vision is to enhance its future customers way of living, by adding a hint of Italian flavor in all of its present and future real estate developments.