Restate Group | Own your future investment

Restate Group can provide to its clients fully remodelled properties with luxury Italian decor, within the best Miami Beach locations.

Thanks to our know-how, Restate Group guarantees to its clients:

  • A net return on the investment. The client can stipulate with Restate or its affiliates a three years managing contract of the property (with an embedded renewal option) and earns an annual guaranteed return based on the purchasing price of the property. All expenses originating from the property (taxes,ordinary and extraordinary maintenance) will be a Restate responsibility.
  • Clients desiring to spend some time in the enchanting Miami will be entitled to use at no further cost, for up to a maximum of twenty days per year, the property they have bought or another one of similar features.
  • Legal, tax and administrative consulting and services are available to overseas clients with the best up to date support for their fiscal and/or inheritance needs.
  • A sure increase in the value of the property clients have purchased.